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July 14th, 2012:

A2Z Multi-Sport Head,, Coach Alexander Zachary just finished his first season with Team In Training - Minnesota.  The athletes competed in the Lifetime Fitness Minneapolis Triathlon.  59 Athletes from TNT - MN competed in both International and Sprint distance courses most of whom, it was their first race.  5 of the 59 athletes made it on the Winners Podium.


Carol Gragert - 1st Place, Women 60-64 Division - Olympic

Pat Wright - 2nd Place, Women 50-54 Division - Olympic *First time competitor!*

Kristin Lemke - 2nd Place, Athena Division - Olympic

Darrel Wilk - 3rd Place, Men - 65-69 Division - Sprint

Kathy Leslie - 3rd Place, Women - 50-54 Division - Sprint


There were dozens of other impressive performances by very talented athletes with bright futures ahead of them in the racing world!


June 3rd, 2012: 

A2Z Multi-Sport exclusive athletes, John Buttshau and Christian Fuchs participated in the Minneapolis Half Marathon.  John impressed everyone coming off an injury and completing his race in 1 hour 53 minutes.  John is an old pro at this distance and proving that he will rock Ironman Madison in September. 


For Christian, this was his first half marathon.  Christians time was an impressive 2:04.  When Christian signed up for this race it was considered his A race, now he has chosen to up his challenge and has signed up for the Twin Cities Marathon in October of this year.  Christians times are great and will continue to improve as he approaches his big race day!


June 3rd, 2012: 

Kris Webber, Lynne Ferrell, Kristin Lemke, Brian Kruger, Roxanne and John Manuzzo, Nicole Fleishman, Jill Hansen, Scott Olmsted, Callen Weisspfennig, Jen Koper, Josh Bertelson, Liza Flonczak, Deb Ginzl, Ginny Lee, Jamie Wood, Jeanine Weinzierl, and Steve all participated in the Buffalo Triathlon.  They did fantastic, reaching their goals and for the most part, it was their first triathlon.  All of these athletes are part of the Team In Training program for 2012.  In addition to racing, they are also fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to find a cure for blood cancer.  All of these athletes deserve a huge round of applause for their racing and charitable efforts!


May 4th, 2012: A2Z Multi-Sport is now officially relaunched!


May 4th, 2012:  A2Z Multi-Sport now offeres personal training!  If endurance racing is not on your agenda, and you are looking for a great physcical fitness program, A2Z Multi-Sport LLC offers Personal Training for all skill levels in a private work out studio or at a place of convenience.  Check out the plan options here!


November 20th, 2011:  A2Z Multi-Sport has lauched a Coach's Blog!  You can access it here, or at the link on the Athlete's resource page!


November 3rd, 2011:  A2Z Multi-Sport LLC Head Coach Alexander Zachary was awarded the honorable position of Assistant Coach for the Triathlon Team for Team In Training, Team Minnesota!  Coach Alexander will assist in coaching anywhere from 80-120 athletes in the Lifetime Fitnes Triathlon and the South Maui Triathlon in 2012.

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